Organising your wedding on the Basque coast

organisation mariage cote basque

L’organisation d’un mariage fait partie des événements marquants d’une vie. Les futurs mariés ont bien souvent de grandes idées lorsqu’ils songent à leur union, et la tonalité de leur mariage représente l’aboutissement d’innombrables préparatifs. Certains prestataires, les « wedding planners » pour ne citer qu’eux, proposent des solutions clés en main. En faisant appel à ces organisateurs de mariages, vous gardez bien entendu le choix du lieu où vous désirez célébrer votre mariage. Il arrive toutefois que d’autres personnes désirent peaufiner l’organisation de leur D Day en personne. Il n’en est pas moins que l’endroit où votre mariage se tiendra constitue un élément particulièrement important. Le lieu où se déroule votre mariage doit vous plaire en tous points, et doit en outre répondre à plusieurs exigences. C’est également en choisissant un site qui correspond à l’atmosphère de votre mariage, que vos convives vont passer un moment inoubliable.


Your wedding on the Basque coast: celebrating the exceptional

Whether on the land or the sea, the Basque Country is one of the most popular areas. This reputation is all the more evident as it motivates many future brides and grooms to choose a location for their wedding. The architectural richness of the Basque Country, combined with a dense and tasty soil, represent the perfect equation for a successful and memorable wedding.

Once you have decided on the number of guests you are going to invite, the question of where to hold the festivities will arise. Because the Basque coast has many magnificent reception venues, choosing a site to organise your wedding will be a delightful step. From discovery to discovery, you will probably have to make a difficult choice, as the wedding venues are so charming.


Organise your wedding in an exceptional and confidential location on the Basque coast

Large wedding receptions are sometimes unavoidable, as the social and family fabric of the bride and groom is often quite dense. However, for those who wish to hold a smaller wedding, there are some absolutely stunning reception venues on the Basque coast.

Favouring authenticity and refinement for a wedding is always a successful strategy. Indeed, this kind of positioning allows the future bride and groom to focus on singular details.

Organising a wedding on the Basque coast with a small number of guests will allow you to choose a venue full of charm, character and history. It is also the perfect opportunity to call on a caterer or restaurateur who offers tasty and original dishes.

By choosing an exceptional venue for a confidential wedding, the logistics and organisational concerns will be much easier to deal with than if it were a wedding with many guests.


Your wedding at the heart of an exceptional (and unusual) location on the Basque coast

Booking a small castle to receive your loved ones on the occasion of your wedding, will plunge you into a fairy tale and into a timeless universe. An ideal equation to mark this unique day and seal your union under the best auspices.

Our establishment offers you a catering service worthy of a starred table, and adapts to each of your requests. Our greatest wish is to magnify your wedding in every respect. The reception rooms of La Folie are ideal for a confidential but no less exceptional wedding.

Your wedding on the Basque coast, at La Folie, will be carried by the elegance, the refinement and the history of the place.

Just like the services typically offered by our establishment, those you might need for your wedding would also be placed under the sign of excellence. To spend a few hours or several days within the walls of La Folie Boulart is to take a leap back into the 19th century, enjoying the modern comforts so much appreciated by our most loyal clients.

The eight rooms and suites are able to accommodate you and your loved ones, so that your wedding takes place in a comforting universe that meets all your needs.

La Folie is then privatised, so that you can enjoy the whole place during your stay. Our concierge service will be happy to help you with any last-minute details to make your wedding as pleasant as possible.

Before and after your wedding ceremony on the Basque coast, our Spa welcomes you in a setting where relaxation and serenity are the key words.


Second Empire universe and decor for your wedding on the Basque coast

Folie Boulart is home to many treasures. The sumptuous stained-glass windows of the residence delight the poetic soul. Similarly, the sculptures, frescoes, mosaics and woodwork in every corner of the castle provide an insight into the daily life of the Boularts in 1881. La Folie was built by Joseph Louis Duc at the request of Charles Boulart (for his wife Marthe).

The castle's rooms are also home to some superb antique objects that have been meticulously collected. Works of modern art stand alongside imposing chandeliers and admirable handmade wallpapers.

If you dreamed of a wedding meal lit by masterful chandeliers in a Belle Époque atmosphere, your wishes are fulfilled at La Folie Boulart.

Privatising the Folie Boulart for your wedding also means offering you a remarkable view of the Basque coast and the Pyrenees.

The owners of La Folie, Mrs. and Mr. Delalonde, had the good taste to equip the rooms with literally invisible audio systems. So, whether you are in one of the lounges, in one of the reception rooms, or in your suite, the music can be enjoyed without any visual disturbance. This detail can really enhance the aesthetics of your wedding.


Your wedding on the Basque coast is unique

The large reception room of La Folie Boulart offers a view of the ocean and an elegant terrace where it is perfectly possible to organise a cocktail party. The gardens are an ode to the ancient period. Fountains and hundred-year-old trees share these refined spaces.

A wedding with a small group of guests is also an ideal pretext to enjoy the luxury of slowness and to benefit from well-being treatments. These privileged moments apply of course to the bride and groom, but also to their guests if they so wish. The swimming pool of La Folie, in the basement, is filled with light. The Spa offers Ayurvedic treatments and various massages. In order not to lack energy and vitality on your wedding day, you can also book one or more yoga or pilates sessions.

Would you like to add a last minute detail to your wedding table? Would you like to organise a sea trip with your loved ones during your stay? Our concierge service does everything possible to make this kind of request a reality.

Our teams work with the utmost discretion to give you the feeling of being at home within the walls of a splendid residence.

Would you like us to discuss your plans for organising your wedding at La Folie Boulart? The members of our team will be delighted to draw up a roadmap, so that your wedding can be held within our walls, in joy, happiness, simplicity and refinement.

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