The best walks in the Basque Country

The Basque Country is one of the most beautiful areas in France. With a remarkable historical heritage and a breathtaking variety of landscapes, there are also many (and superb) walks to discover! Just a short drive from Biarritz, you can stroll through the picturesque streets of some of France's most beautiful villages. If you're in the mood for physical exercise, memorable hikes in the hinterland will delight those who love great views. And if you want to enjoy the Basque Country on horseback, we have even found a few addresses for you... To be continued, all our good plans for walks and wonderful discoveries in the Basque Country.


Walks through the most beautiful villages of the Basque Country

Don't be afraid to venture into the hinterland... If you're looking for peace and quiet and you're not keen on the summer crowds, you've come to the right place!

Head in the direction of Saint-jean-Pied-de-Port. This small medieval town is home to one of the Vauban citadels... You can admire the Pyrenean massif from here as you walk down the Rue de la Citadelle. It is also the way to the Church of Notre Dame du Bout du Pont. The village also boasts the UNESCO-listed Saint-Jacques city gate, which is traditionally used by pilgrims on their way to Santiago de Compostela.


Why not visit Ainhoa? This other small Basque village is delightful. Wander among the typical half-timbered houses with light-coloured tile roofs to the Church of Our Lady of the Assumption.


Sare is also a pleasant village, very representative of the Basque atmosphere. You can discover what made it rich in the past. Agriculture, fishing, but also smuggling have contributed to the economy of this village. In the same way, its traditions, such as pelota and Basque strongman games, or even pigeon hunting, continue to preserve the authenticity of this small characterful village.


Another place to visit is one of the most famous Basque villages: La Bastide-Clairence.


Hiking in the Basque Country for a healthy walk

There are so many wonderful things about the Basque Country, but if there's one thing that attracts particular attention, it's the possibility of hiking! There are paths and trails available for everyone, regardless of your physical condition.


Accessible on foot and... by train(!): the Rhune mountain summit. Setting off from Ascain, you will be able to admire the local fauna and flora over the ten-kilometre hike. This trail can be walked at your own pace, but you should be aware that there is a certain gradient to climb and that you need to be in reasonably good physical condition. Fortunately, from April to September, the little train of the Rhune, a cog railway, provides return trips from Sare to the summit so that you can take full advantage of the breathtaking landscapes, without suffering from the walk!


In a 10-kilometre round trip hike, immerse yourself in the history of the knights of Charlemagne by walking to the Pas de Roland in Itxassou. Starting from the village church, walk along the banks of the Nive to the famous rock cut, some say, by Roland's sword Durandal, while others recount that it was the Knight's horse that kicked a gap through the rock face. The only certainty is that the natural setting of this hike is absolutely sumptuous.


Another pretty, bucolic walk starts at the Ibardin pass and leads to Lake Xoldokogaina. With the added bonus of an unobstructed view of Saint Jean de Luz, and the arrival at the beautiful lake, this walk will leave you with wonderful memories. Easy and accessible even to children, this walk is a must.


The Holzarte footbridge can also be the object of a very enjoyable little expedition. After a few minutes of walking in spectacular surroundings, you can admire the sumptuous waterfalls...


A horse ride in the Basque Country: beginners and experienced riders are all welcome!

There are horses to suit all levels of rider at thisrenowned equestrian structure.  Pleasant horse rides in the countryside are available in the summer.


One last address to suggest so that you can enjoy some memorable horse trekking: the equestrian farm Les collines, at Eugène's in Ossès... Immersed in the Basque hinterland, another world is waiting for you to discover. If you opt for horse trekking in Ossès, you will discover unusual places. Eugène knows his country like the back of his hand and is always ready to tell the story of this uniquely engaging place. The horses are sure-footed and adapt to each level of rider.




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