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Biarritz is one of the most attractive towns in France. Its location, climate and atmosphere make it a place you should visit at least once in your life... Completely bathed in a "surf" and "dolce vita" atmosphere, Biarritz is nevertheless a town where you can enjoy many events. Dynamic, cultural, natural, and full of Basque traditions, Biarritz attracts all kinds of people. We have put together a programme of annual events that you should not miss if you live in Biarritz or if you come to stay.

Biarritz in summer: what are the must-see events?

Biarritz is known as the "European surfing capital". As such, the city hosts several events directly related to this highly-regarded sport.

The Queen Classic Surf festival

Organised by three young women from the Basque Country, the Queen Classic Surf Festival wisely mixes surfing (of course) but also culture and diversity. This event is supported by young people who are very involved in the local community. A success for this festival where an offbeat approach and good humour flourish freely!

The International Surf Film Festival

Another event driven by surfing culture, and only a short distance from Biarritz: the International Surf Film Festival. This festival is a cultural event not to be missed under any circumstances. For more than 17 years, the International Surf Film Festival has been showcasing short and feature films intrinsically linked to surfing. The artistic, visual, aesthetic and auditory quality of the films presented are sure to appeal to all. These are true cinematographic gems that can be seen during this festival.

Wheels and waves: for motorbike and surf-skate culture lovers

Custom culture in force for this summer festival, which takes place in the heart of Biarritz. Wheels and Waves has been running for more than 10 years and each edition brings together enthusiasts, the curious and longtime fans. Pump track and punk race enthusiasts are not forgotten and the atmosphere at Wheels and Waves is absolutely brilliant. Whether you are an aficionado or just curious, everyone will be in a festive mood and geared up to enjoy the great atmosphere during this very well organised event.

Gant d'Or (Golden Glove) in Biarritz: the International Cesta Punta Championships!

If there is a flagship activity and an ancestral witness to Basque culture, it is the game of pelota. Cesta punta is a sport practised or watched by a great many Basques and is accompanied by colourful folklore. Go to the Gant d'Or champtionships to admire the mastery of the Basque pelota players!

The Biarritz Cup: for top golfers

With nearly 125 editions under its belt, the Biarritz Cup is a must on the golf competition circuit. This event brings together many competitors of different nationalities. The Biarritz le Phare golf course welcomes the competition as well as visitors with a thirst for the sport of Kings.

The Casetas in Biarritz: a week of parties, gastronomy and music on the seafront.

Just after the World Music Day festival, to kick off the summer in the best possible way, come and enjoy the Casetas. This annual Biarritz event takes place on the Côte des Basques beach, to the delight of locals and tourists alike. In a warm atmosphere, surrounded by breathtaking landscape, the Casetas bring together thousands of people who are there to taste local gastronomic specialities and excellent drinks, and enjoy the musical atmosphere thanks to the numerous concerts that are organised.

Street performances, music, parades, sports demonstrations and tapas at Les Océanes

To make the most of the arrival of summer, the Océanes are organising events throughout the city of Biarritz. Come and stroll through the streets of the city to taste delicious tapas at any time...

On 15 August: Biarritz's superlative fireworks display

Set up on the Grande Plage, the fireworks display on 15 August in Biarritz brings back our childhood memories. Skillfully orchestrated and divided into fifteen or so scenes, this firework display is sure to delight young and old alike. The 15 August fireworks are an annual event in Biarritz and can be admired from the Grande Plage and from the town centre!

Biarritz's unmissable off-season events

Because even outside the summer period, Biarritz offers a multitude of activities and events, here are our suggestions for enjoying this fabulous area even if summer has not yet arrived!

The Illuminated Fun Run: lights up the streets of Biarritz in December

The Illuminated Fun Run is a very enjoyable event as it is open to absolutely everyone! On a course of just under 10 kilometres, participants set off at their own pace... This non-timed race is popular with amateur joggers, but also with some grandparents and their grandchildren. Taking place after dark, the Illuminated Fun Run offers pretty lights and imposes just one rule: wear very, very, very flashy clothes!

The Ham Fair

Just a stone's throw from Biarritz, the Bayonne Ham Fair is a historic annual event. Indeed, this fair has existed since the Middle Ages... Ham competitions, omelette competitions, parades, all kinds of entertainment and exhibitors come together to showcase Basque regional produce. Charcuterie aficionados will be in for a treat, and your taste buds will go wild at the Bayonne Ham Fair.

Biarritz Wine and Food Fair

This exhibition is now called "To the vineyards! Wines and Gastronomy of our regions". Regardless of the new name, the principle remains the same and that is to introduce or reintroduce people to local wines and gastronomic specialities from the surrounding area. Over a period of 3 days, and typically in April, this fair at the Halle d'Iraty, is delicious way to enjoy new gustatory discoveries!

The Biarritz Antiques Fair, at Casino Bellevue

The Biarritz Antiques Fair is held every year at the Casino. Antiques, but also contemporary art, and vintage furniture are offered by many exhibitors. Enthusiasts, the curious and collectors will be able to make priceless discoveries at the Biarritz Antiques Fair. This event is a pleasant outing for families, couples or friends...

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